Our ‘Out And Proud’ Asian Parents

Our ‘Out And Proud’ Asian Parents

On August 6th, the Asian Pride Project, an Asian and Pacific Islander (API) lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) Arts and Advocacy group met with 14 parents in Chicago…

These incredible moms and dads are out and proud parents of LGBTQ children.  


We were lucky to witness their beautiful energy and love.

Coming from all around the country, these Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese parents gathered to learn from and support each other. They were also determined to show the world and their communities that they are extremely proud of their LGBTQ children.

We asked these parents:  

How would you describe your relationship with your daughter or son in one word? 



Laurin Mayeno
Gay son

“My child is my heart. From the moment he came into my life, he was precious to me. Now that he’s a young adult, I continue to be inspired and touched by witnessing his journey and getting to know the wise, thoughtful, fun, strong, powerful and creative person he is.”

“Open and Forgiving”


Clara Yoon
Transgender son

“We learn that we’re coming from a good heart and even if we make mistake and hurt others’ feelings, we can continue conversation with openness and give ourselves permission to forgive ourselves and others.”

“Unconditional” “Love”


Karen and Glenn Murakami
Gay sons

“We love and support our sons unconditionally. Love allows us to be open in dialogue about where we all are in this process and journey.”



Ha Nguyen
Transgender Son

“My son and I are no longer questioning his gender identity, I am proud that I was able to support him to be who he wants to be.”



Manjula Balakrishnan
Transgender daughter

“I have an overwhelming feeling of love towards my daughter who believes in herself and is courageous enough to chart her own path in life. My daughter is my beacon of hope and freedom.”

We also asked parents: how would you describe your son or daughter in one word?

Here’s what they said…



Tejan Oza
Queer daughter

“[Tina] is an advocate for social justice. She is kind and patient and is willing to work with the family to help us take one baby step at a time. We are close, honest (try to be!) and loving.”



Aya Yabe
Lesbian daughter

“I need say no more. She is strong, well-focused – an inspiration for me.”



Rosetta Lai
Lesbian daughter
Chinese American

“Audrey lives her life authentically. We are fortunate to love each other unconditionally.”



Janet Uradomo
Transgender daughter

“Kylee is beautiful inside and out. She is loving and caring and makes the world a better place because she is in it! I love her with all my heart. I know she loves me lots too!”



Cathy Lam
Gay Son
Vietnamese American

“Meeting all these supportive parents gives me hope that that the world will be more gentle to all human beings.”



Marsha Aizumi
Transgender son
Japanese American

“I am filled with hope that more parents will be visible and be inspirations to other parents and LGBTQ children.”

And isn’t this what we all want to hear from the ones we love?

“We love you”


Kate Shim & H.K. Suh
Gay son

“We love you the way you are, and are proud of you.”

Don’t you want to join these awesome parents? Just look at how much fun they’re having!

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Lastly, Asian Pride Project offers a heartfelt thank you to these courageous out and proud parents for taking a stand for LOVE.

We’d also like to give a huge thanks to API PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of LGBT people) for organizing this parents’ convening, and the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander (NQAPIA) for hosting the Chicago conference.

Are you also a parent of an Asian or Pacific Islander (API) LGBTQ child? Are you looking for resources and/or a supportive community of like-minded parents? Would you like to share your story? If so, please contact Asian Pride Project atstaff@asianprideproject.org, or API PFLAG at api@pflagnyc.org.