Hi, my name is Kris Mizutani. I’m a 4th generation Japanese-American. I’m a 4th generation Japanese-American. And, I’m 37. I am out to the majority of my family, the immediate family, and relatively close cousins.

My mother had interestingly not such a good reaction, considering that she was raised here in the States. I think she was influenced by Christianity even though she herself is not Christian. Her reaction was… Well, she cried endlessly and asked if I could change for her. I told her at that point that I don’t want to be gay but that I couldn’t even change for myself.

My father, I didn’t tell until I was 25. His reaction as a Japanese born & raised man was the exact opposite of my mother. He basically launched into a discussion about how homosexuality has been around in Japanese history for millennia with samurai and their consults, etc.

I was quite surprised by the opposite reactions. The most difficult conversations I’ve had with my mother about being queer were initially when I was 18, and told her that I was gay. Now, I’m 37 and many years have passed. I’ve matured and she’s matured. Certainly at that point back in 1992, it was a very different time. It wasn’t as accepted.

Over time my mother told me that… Well, we don’t talk about sexuality or relationships very much but she’ll say little things like when Prop 8 was going on, that she voted against it. That was as far as we’d get into our discussion about gay, lesbian, and transgender rights. I think the Asian Pride Project can help straight family members who are struggling with their loved ones. I definitely see a need for that. And I also see for the younger folks that are coming out now.



こんにちは。私の名前はミズタニ クリス(Kris Mizutani)です。 私は日系4世のアメリカ人です私は男役の女性の同性愛者です。私は37歳です,家族の多くと、直属の家族、そして比較的仲の良い従兄弟には私が同性愛者であることを打ち明けています。




しばらくして、母は私に言いました。。。えっと、私たちは性のことや恋愛についてあまり話しません。だけど、母は、Prop 8があったときに、それに反対する投票をしたなどという些細なことをいうでしょう同性愛(ゲイ(Gay)、レズビアン(Lesbian)や、性転換の権利についてはそこまでがやっと話せるくらいでした。Asian Pride Projectは異性愛の家族でこのような問題について悩んでる人たちの手助けができると思います。私はそれが必要とされていることがわかりますまた、今それを打ち明けようとしている若い人たちにも必要です。