Share Your Story - For LGBT Folks

We invite you and your family and friends to contribute your stories and experiences. We accept images, video and audio submissions in English and any Asian language. Here are some possible topics you might think about!

  • When did you first know that you were lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender?
  • Have you come out to your friends or family? What are the factors that you consider in coming out? How did your parents or family/friends react when you came out to them? How have you and your family dealt with this?
  • If you have not come out to your family and friends yet, what are your fears? What do you think they will say, or how do you think they will they react?
  • Did you (or would you) come out first to your family or friends? Why?
  • Does your extended family and/or friends know about you being lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender? If not, how do you deal with this secret if they ask “do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” or “when will you get married?”
  • Do you feel that being of Asian or Pacific Islander heritage helps or makes it more challenging to deal with your sexuality?
  • How do you communicate with your family? What challenges do you face? What languages? Writing/talking? Generational gap? Living far from home?
  • What resources do you draw on for strength? Where do you find support? Any relatives? Community leaders? Friends? Role models? Media? Discussion groups?
  • Can you describe any interesting or amusing experiences having to do with your sexuality and coming out to your family?